Caliber 3’s Basic and Active Shooter training programs are specifically designed for those units in the police, army, security personnel and civilians that are responsible for responding to any terror situations. Mindset, aggressiveness and action are crucial.

Course Outline


1.  Weapon training

2. Working with covers and doors

3. Scanning principles

4. Case studies

5. Identification and communication

6. Real live scenarios

7. Understanding suspicious signs and behavior

8. Moving through a crowd

9. Krav Maga – Gun and rifle disarming


  • $1500


  • 3 days


  • Utilizing a combination of classroom and in-field training, individuals or teams learn critical tactical skills and how to quickly obtain situational awareness to maximize their effectiveness when responding to an Active Shooter/terrorist attack.

Required gear:

  • Please wear long pants, closed toe shoes (no flip flops or sandals), and comfortable t-shirt or long sleeves

Caliber 3 is hands-down the most spectacular training facility I’ve ever been to. The instructors are amazing, the workouts are hard, and the atmosphere is unparalleled to that of any military, law enforcement, or civilian training center I’ve ever seen!! Instructors push you hard because they believe in you and because your life may depend on it. Their classes are very thorough and efficient that anyone, no matter your age, fitness level, or ability is able to come and learn. The most important thing you will learn is to have the right mindset. The physical requirements of a fight are very demanding, and the classes they teach are meant to prepare you for that, but if your mind is strong, your body will follow. 

Rebecca A

A friend introduced me to this facility and training center. All the instructors are top level and experts in there field. I took the home invasion seminar with friends. Our instructor was Yousef. He was highly knowledgeable and highly experienced in his field. Instructors come from Israel and this is the only location in the US. The rest of the facilities are in Israel. I learned so much and would recommend this to family and friends. There facility is top level with a simulated home. Combat shooting area. Krav Maga training and their Krav Maga class incorporates physical fitness. They have a store to purchase training gear. Training and tactical apparel such as 5.11.

Ben H

This gym is north county’s best kept secret. I have seen such a change in my body in the three months I have been working out here. The Combat Fitness classes are intense, challenging, yet fun. They are similar to Cross-Fit and Fit Body Boot Camp, yet a step above. The Krav Maga training is incredible. I have never felt so empowered and strong. The gym itself is new with high-end equipment. The facility is huge with lots of open space, and lots of cool details inside and out.
There is also a retail store inside that sells 5.11 tactical clothes and gear. Men, women and teens will love this gym and all it has to offer.

Donni A